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    A note for all symbian developer and NOKIA experts!

    A note for all symbian developer and NOKIA experts!
    My advise for NOKIA experts:
    i am an amateur symbian developer, i love the symbian os because it is open os for mobile phone. but i am almost disappointed for it now. the main reason is that i always don't get the my answer about development in time ,which delay my project once and again, i almost lost my interesting for it now. As an actual software engineer for mobile phone, i know a company need pay for lots of time and manpower even money for building a successful developer help work system for many amateur symbian developer, sometimes , it donot show any advantage in few years for company. But as a quite promising mobile phone system, which is its most shortcoming? not technology ,even not market percentage , the most worrisome is its little application. without useful and plenty of application, symbian os is just like a human without arms and legs. Palm os has millions of application for it. Pocket pc has millions of engineer familiar with windows development, what is about symbian os? i do not make sure the symbian os has build the dominance for mobile phone system market, it need lots of works to do yet.
    But actually, lots of developer is distinctly not satisfied with the atitude of symbian support. During the time of NOKIA 2003 develop test, they always do well work ,but when the test is finished, i almost can not find NOKIA experts support anymore in discussion , we should see there are many warmhearted senior symbian developers still do the works which should finished by NOKIA experts .However, if caring for the question and you will find that the answer from NOKIA experts always is just only a sentence"pls found it in sdk ***", for some common question, those experts donot give real help in fact.
    what i want to say is not complainting about the atitude of some experts or criticize symbian os,actually most of experts have their own work to do and they always have their own difficuty,and i still make sure symbian os is the most promising emebedded os in furture, otherwise i will not choose development of symbian os as my graduate thesis . What i really means is "The barrier you build for your henchman is really for yourself!"

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    You should try to develop for Sharp GX 10 / GX20.

    And then think back to the good times where you got support from Nokia Experts and the developers in the Nokia Forum!

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