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    effect of PROVURL parameter in Nokia phones


    I have some questions regarding the purpose of the PROVURL parameter when provisioning Nokia devices using OMA client provisioning.

    I notice that the parameter PROVURL of characteristic BOOTSTRAP has the following effect on the Nokia 6220:

    If the parameter is included in the provisioning document, and the provisioning document is saved in the phone to create configuration settings, any other subsequent provisioning documents with the same PROVURL value are rejected by the device.

    I have three related questions.

    1) Is this always the case no matter what combination of parameters/security mechanisms?
    2) Does the value of PROVURL have any significance other than being a unique identifier?
    3) Will the effect of the PROVURL parameter change in future Nokia devices?

    I ask questions 2 and 3 because in the OMA provisioning spec (OMA-WAP-ProvCont-v1.1-20021112-C) the PROVURL parameter is described as "defining the authority and path of the TPS" (trusted provisioning server). The spec states that the PROVURL can be used for "request for re-provisioning (roaming).". To my mind the spec is saying that the device could have the ability to enable the end user to request an update to their settings using the provisioning server at PROVURL.

    Thanks in advance for your help.


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    Please have a look to following document: Push Validation for Series 40 v1.0. I hope it clarifys the situation and how the validation is done.

    Teemu / Forum Nokia

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    i had tried to do with a example (2 SMS binary messages) in s40 1.1 document but my phone was received: "'Verification failed, settings was discarded". i think, wrong example? help me!

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