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    Problem of drawing FLIPPED Image after clipping in Nokia 3510i handset

    I am facing a problem while clipping & drawing the fliped image in the specified area in Nokia 3510i handset/emulator.

    The same code is working fine when I run with series 60 emulator/Nokia 7650 handset.

    I am using a strip of images containing 4 images for drawing animation. After clipping and draw the flipped image entire image strip is drawn on the screen.

    Part of the code of my Midlet -

    Image tempImg = null;
    tempImg = Image.createImage("/Image/EnemyAct0.png");
    catch(Exception e){}
    g.setClip(20, 25, 12, 14);
    dg.drawImage(tempImg, 20, 25, 0, dg.FLIP_HORIZONTAL);
    g.setClip(0,0,LCD_WIDTH, LCD_HEIGHT);

    I need a solution to draw the flipped image after clipping.

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    This is just a shot in the dark, but I guess that the call to setClip on the original Graphics object (g) is not affecting it's derived DirectGraphics object (dg). Although this doesn't comply with the docs, it could be a bug.
    If this is really the case, you could try to set the clipping region before you get the DirectGraphics object as a workaround:
    // first set the clip on g
    g.setClip(20, 25, 12, 14);
    // then get the reference to dg
    dg = DirectUtils.getDirectGraphics(g);
    // then draw the image
    dg.drawImage(tempImg, 20, 25, 0, dg.FLIP_HORIZONTAL);
    Like I said, this is just a hunch, so I'm not sure it'll work, but good luck with it anyway


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    Thank you Mr. Shmoove for your valuable suggestion, your idea worked well.
    My Midlet is working fine now.

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