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    setting bookmarks using OMA provisioning


    am I right to assume that it is not possible to use OMA provisioning to create a configuration message that just sets a bookmark url and bookmark name (ie without the PXLOGICAL and NAPDEF characteristics)?

    When I send this wap provisioning document to the 6220 and 6600 the message is either rejected or ignored.

    <characteristic type = "APPLICATION">
    <parm name = "APPID" value = "w2"/>
    <parm name = "NAME" value = "Some Operator X"/>
    <characteristic type = "RESOURCE">
    <parm name = "URI" value = "http://wap.genie.co.uk"/>
    <parm name = "NAME" value = "HomepageO2"/>
    <characteristic type = "RESOURCE">
    <parm name = "URI" value = "http://wap.yahoo.com"/>
    <parm name = "NAME" value = "Yahoo"/>

    I can set multiple bookmarks for the 6600 so long as I include PXLOGICAL and NAPDEF characteristics.

    Thanks for your help,


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    You are correct. When setting up a browser (app ID w2) you need to specify a NAPDEF, but it can be some of the NAPDEF's allready in the phone, so you don't need to send a NAPDEF details every time.

    Teemu / Forum Nokia

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