hi all
have some problem and need your help.
this is my code
// Connect to the Socket server
err = socksvr.Connect();

// Now resolve the name given in the URL
err = resolver.Open(socksvr, KAfInet, KProtocolInetTcp);

resolver.GetByName(_L("www.yahoo.com"), iHostEnt, iTranStatus);
if(iTranStatus == KErrNone)
   //all ok  and we have IP of www.yahoo.com
  //if something wrong...
 analyze iTranStatus...
when i execute this code in phone i see next things...
1) phone offers to choose the access point.
2) in a certain time I get the iTranStatus=-33 (KErrTimedOut)

why this occurs?
I got read post "wierd error code - 2147483647 on TCP receive" and code provided there is not working too...