: There is an example about how to
: change menu items dynamically. You can find
: source codes from the path
: below:
: \\Symbian\6.0\NokiaCPP\Epoc32Ex\CrystalUI\MenuItems

Unfortunately, in my SDK, i don't have the directory Symbian\6.0 but Symbian\6.1 :-(
But i only have these examples:
Animation, Bmpmanip, ClientServerSync, Dialer, Graphics, Helperfunctions, IncomingCall, PortingFrom9210 and Sound.

Where can i get all examples from the 6.0 directory? Looks like they were in the old SDK
which i don't have.

Moreover the bmp converter does not seem to work under W2k (i don't know for other windows). Maybe the one of the previous SDK would...

Thanks in advance,

Posted by Camille Guermonprez-Brouard, cguermonprez@infraworlds.com
on January 28, 2002 at 10:58