Was anybody in this forum able to do a successful, general java bluetooth service discovery on a 6600?

Device discovery works fine for me, but I am not able to discover any service with my midlets.
I guess, my main problem is, that I try to discover available services in general. My midlet searches for any service I was able to find a UUID for; but although there are several devices with various services (a second mobile phone, a pc-bluetooth card, a gps-receiver, etc.) found by my 6600, there seems to be never any service ¡_

Maybe anybody has a little advice for me concerning the service UUIDs to provide for service discovery!

My discovery-code looks like this:
int attrbs[]={ 0x0100 }; // null should deliver default attributes ¡_
UUID[] uuidSet= new UUID[75];
// a list of UUIDs I found on the web:
uuidSet[0]=new UUID( 0x0000);
uuidSet[1]=new UUID( 0x0001);
uuidSet[2]=new UUID( 0x0002);
uuidSet[3]=new UUID( 0x0003);
uuidSet[4]=new UUID( 0x0004);
uuidSet[5]=new UUID( 0x0005);
uidSet[6]=new UUID( 0x0006);
uuidSet[7]=new UUID( 0x0007);
uuidSet[8]=new UUID( 0x0008);
uuidSet[9]=new UUID( 0x0009);
uuidSet[10]=new UUID( 0x000A);
uuidSet[11]=new UUID( 0x000B);
uuidSet[12]=new UUID( 0x000C);
uuidSet[13]=new UUID( 0x000D);
uuidSet[14]=new UUID( 0x0200);
uuidSet[15]=new UUID( 0x0201);
uuidSet[16]=new UUID( 0x0300);
uuidSet[17]=new UUID( 0x0301);
uuidSet[18]=new UUID( 0x0302);
uuidSet[19]=new UUID( 0x0303);
¡_ list of further UUIDs ¡_
uuidSet[75]=new UUID( 0x1126);

RemoteDevice d=(RemoteDevice)devices.nextElement(); // a single discovered device.
disc_agent.searchServices( attrbs, uuidSet, d, serv_listener ); //serv_listener implements the Discovery_Listener Interface ¡_

After waiting for the discovery to finish, there is never a service available.

Every example I was able to find until now only employs the discovery of a ¡°proprietary¡± set service, a kind of client-server hello world.

I appreciate every suggestion on what I am doing wrong!!!