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    trouble playing MIDI and WAV concurrently on Series 60


    I have a midi tune playing in an endless loop in the game i have developed. It is run from a Player instance called mPlayer.

    Sometimes events in the game cause a WAV sound effect to play, using another player called fxPlayer. I want it to play concurrently with the midi tune.

    On the emulator it all works fine but on the device (e.g. NGage, 3650) the playing of the WAV causes the Midi to stop.

    So the questions :

    1) How can I get two players to play concurrently?
    2) If this isn't possible, do I stop the midi player and then restart it when the WAV is finished??
    3) How can I know when the WAV is actually finished so I can restart the midi?

    Hope someone can help!! cheers,
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