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    some questions on NOKIA/symbian development, thank you!

    some questions on NOKIA/symbian development, thank you!

    Hello all, recently I starts my research on NOKIA/symbian, as a branch topic of mobile development, with my tutor. Here are some questions, not so professional :-)...thank you!

    Do NOKIA symbian60/90 provide such SDK interface(java or C++), that we can make our program for these mobile phone:
    1. auto-start with mobile phone, or triggered by some specific event(arrival of email, SMS...)

    2. help user to set some policies, therefore enable some actions on SMS/MMS/email(e.g, auto screen phone call or delete/forward message[SMS/MMS/email] from specific address in the phone address book)

    3. analyze the attachment of the coming MMS/email, and handle it by some policies
    (btw: what file type of attachment are valid and can be identified/got/sent by our mobile phone now...pic? txt? Jar)?

    I was told that *ALL* these features are *possible* now while *NOT* exposed by NOKIA/symbian, it it true?

    Thank you for your reading my questions till now, , the 1st step for me is to make sure whether it is possible, and then how, may you answer these questions or enlighten a direction for me?

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    Yes you can do this if you use the Symbian platform supported bu the Series 60 and 90 families. You may not be able to use MIDP for all of the detailed functionality that you require. You should take a look on the Nokia symbian forum.
    However programming these type of applications in Symbian is pretty time and effort intensive.
    Hope this answers your question.
    Best of Luck!

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