I have installed Activ Server (version 2.1 (build 3411A)) on WinXP. Installation seems to be ok. I was able to run the server and adminster it with connection manager. ok, my first question:

when I manually start the server, I am getting messages like the following:

ServerMgr: Server Core, waiting for first-time connection
Is this ok?

My next question.. which ports are used for listening connection less/oriented connections? 9200, 9201?? I used netstat -a (for finding port binding information). They don't seem to be bounded. port 1099 seems to be binded (for wap manager).

My third question: I tried nokia mobile internet kit and used the option for selecting the installed activ server as a Gateway. If I use connection-oriented option (9201), i am getting an error saying that, unable to open a connection. I have tried various other clients too (wapman, jbrowser). they just seem to hang and later gets an error "unable to connect to gateway". I am using the localhost ( as a gateway. what am I doing wrong?

Please let me know if there is any thing i am missing. I will really appreciate it.