I'm trying to register an MTM on a 3650, using an application specifically for that.
It works on the emulator, but when I try it on the phone, the installation fails with error -5, which appears to be KErrNotSupported. The registry is not updated.
I know a lot of the MTM functions default to returning KErrNotSupported, so I changed that value to -88, just to see if any of those was causing a problem, but no change. (In any case, I wouldn't expect it to go and do anything with the MTM itself as part of registration(?))
To narrow it down, I specified a false pathname for the .rsc file, and in this case it reported KErrNotFound as expected, so it must be finding the resource file normally. The documentation for InstallMTMGroupL only gives KErrNone or KErrAlreadyExists as ppossible return values, so I don't understand where this value is coming from unless there's a Leave somewhere down the stack.
Any ideas anyone?