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    CIntConnectionInitiator.ConnectL() hangs

    I use my code in two different contexes.

    - In one place, it works
    - In the other place, the call to CIntConnectionInitiator.ConnectL() initiates a GPRS Connection (as can be seen on Display), but never completes.

    The question is: why?

    - Could it be a problem, that there exists already an on RSocketServ session (for Bluetooth)

    - Is the construct ...

    TRequestStatus req=KRequestPending;

    ... a problem for the CIntConnInitiator class, because it perhaps prevents the local CActiveScheduler from working?


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    Hi all again

    Ok. I've found the solution. Obviously User::WaitForRequest() prevents the local CActiveScheduler from working

    > In final code however, the GPRS connection is built up, but the async
    > call never completes.

    > - The code block
    > {
    > TRequestStatus req(KRequestPending);
    > CIntConnectionInitiator.Connect(req);
    > User::WaitForRequest(req);
    > }
    > without using an Active Object (for testing purposes only) blocks
    > somehow my code.

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