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    wml link to java games

    Recently i have started to learn wml, i began to create a basic page when i downloaded a freeware game called b-man a bomberman clone for my 3510i. I downloaded the zip, inside there was a .jad and a .jar file. I have read various sources and it seems that the .jad points to the .jar file to be downloaded. I opened the .jad file and edited it so that it pointed to the .jar file on my server. But when i came to try the link to the .jad file i get an "unknow file type" message. Am i going about downloading games the correct way? Any help is appreciated.

    Thanks, mupen.

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    Have you configured the MIME types of the JAD and JAR files to your server e.g.:


    associated to the file extension *.jad

    Kind regards,

    sami / Forum Nokia Developer Support

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