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    how to use nokia packages with Wireless toolkit

    i want to know how i can include the nokia packages in my application when i am using the wireless tooklit, cz i tried to run some application with the nokia developper suite, it was ok but i ahd many many errors when switching to wireless toolkit ...so can any one help me with this....
    and can i only use the nokia developper suite to compile and run the application with no need for the wireless toolkit....
    thx in advence...

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    Install Nokia emulator into WTK's "devices" folder. Then emulators will appear in WTK's list.
    I have no idea whether you can install whole NDS there

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    Thank u DoctorDwarf...i installed the 7210 SDK in the WTK and it worked but i had an error when i run it , application error , ClassNotFoundException , com.nokia.mid.sound....so can u help me with this?
    also what did u mean by installing the NDS in the WTK? i did installed it and it also had the same error ...so what ccan i do more?

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    i've seen threads stating issues along these lines in several places - so i'm posting this wherever i see it:


    this error seems to be caused by WTK 1.0:
    ERROR: native methods should not appear
    Error preverifying class com.nokia.mid.impl.isa.io.protocol.internal.wap.Protocol
    com.sun.kvem.ktools.ExecutionException: Preverifier returned 1
    install WTK 2.x and it seems to go away:


    this error:
    package com.nokia.mid.ui does not exist
    import com.nokia.mid.ui.FullCanvas;
    can be solved by:
    1 - copying /lib/classes.zip from the nokia SDK and placing in the WTK lib directory and
    2 - adding a line to <WTKdir>/lib/api.properties to read something like:

    # This file contains the names and descriptions of the various
    # JAR files that are selectively available in the WTK emulators
    midpapi.zip = Core MIDP API
    wma.zip = Wireless Messaging API
    mmapi.zip = Mobile Media API (JSR135)
    classes.zip = Nokia series 40 API
    basically this seems to register the classes.zip as an *additional* API to use whilst compiling / building.
    I didn't find that just copying classes.zip worked.


    hope this helps.

    i must say, i think Nokia could have included information on how to install the SDKs for use with the WTK stand-alone and not just the JBuilder and sun one IDEs.

    I am a devoted user of jEdit - it's all the IDE i need...
    They seem oblivious to the fact that not everyone owns JBuilder or wants to use Sun ONE :/

    - briareos

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