I managed to bugger up my screen, which means I can't see my phone numbers that are saved to my phone memory. I have got all my sim phone numbers and now need to copy across the phone ones.

I'm currently using a 3310, which doesn't have storage for phone numbers on the phone, so I can't use that to work out what to do. I've been told that this is how I copy across the phone memory to the sim:


1.From the standard screen press the menu key
2. Scroll down to Phonebook, then press Select
3. Scroll down to Copy, then press Select
4. Scroll down to from Phone to Sim Card, then press Select.
5. Scroll down to copy all, then select
6. Highlight keep original, then press select
7. After 10 seconds or so Select OK.


But the problem is that I am doing this blind and with no guidelines I can't just guess it. I was wondering if it would be possible for someone in pocession of one of these or knew someone with one, could help out by just doing the above and jotting down what I have to do. For example if I press menu first then press down 3 times then menu again and then enter etc.

Unfortunatly I don't have the manual, otherwise this would have been very easy to find out. Thanks a lot for your help in advance.