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    DeviceControl??? Where it is? Pl help................

    Any senior member Pl tell why there is DeviceControl class in documention but not in actual sdk i.e in calsses.zip of series 60.
    This is really fustrating as first i thiught I wold had done some mistake but then i found there is no class like DeviceControl in class.zip
    Pl help on this what to do to use this class.

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    Re: device control class

    Well i am not a senior member nut i hope i can help u in this , if u installed the NDS then u can find a folder named classes.zip in
    when u extract it u will find this class and others
    but could u help me and tell me how will u use this class cz i am trying to run an application on WTK but i have a classNotFound Exception "com.nokia.mid.sound"

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    still help less.....................Pl help................

    On my porblem part,
    I think u have missed at one point that i mentioned problem is for Nokia series 60 not 40. As 7210 falls in to Series 40 category class.zip of C:\Nokia\Devices\Nokia_7210_MIDP_SDK_v1_0\lib
    will not solve my problem. And in any case DeviceControl classes is there in 40series sdk. So my program is working for series 40 but same functinality is not working on Sereis 60 by prompting classNotFound for deviceControl as it is not in calss.zip of series 60. What is more frustrating that they have mentoined the class along with it's method in Series 60 documention.

    HI ginanabil77;

    What u need to do is just put your Nokia_7210_MIDP_SDK_v1_0 folder which is in C:\Nokia\Devices\ (according to your post or whhere ever it is) in C:\Program Files\s1studio\me\emulator\j2mewtk-1_0_4-win\wtklib\devices if u are using SunOne Studio for development and in D:\WTK20\wtklib\devices if u r usinf Sun's wireless tool kit for development.
    Here C and D are my windows directory where actuly my applivcation resides. So that wil change in your case where the application resides actully on your pc.

    Once u had put the folder there. In wtk form ktoolbar in device selcetion combo your will come. Select this and then build and run your appliction programm. Error like classNotFound Exception will not come now.

    I think this shoud solve your problem. I f u still have doubt u can e-mail me at montooshah@rediffmail.com

    Any ways Thanks

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