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    Nokia 6210 hangs on some links

    my problem is that on my Wap application there are some links where the Nokia 6210 stops responding. I don't have this behaviour with other terminals.
    When I ask some links I see the browser which continues to request the page to the Web server but no answer arrives.
    I need to stop the navigation clicking on the Cancel button and then I can contine to browse on other links.
    If I look in the Web server log file I see that when that link is requested the server logs a 401 error (access denied).
    The Web site (IIS5) is under Basic autentication.
    When I connect to the Wap application the user credentials are requested and after authentication I can browse everywhere apart some links where I've the behaviour just described.
    Do you have any suggestion to understand what causes this problem?
    Many thanks in advance!

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    RE: Nokia 6210 hangs on some links

    It may be difficult to draw conclusions for us with limited informtion. I am not sure which devices you are using other than 6210 which access those links.
    What may be worth considering is the fact that different WAP standards supported by WAP phones and also the deck size supported by each browser version.
    It will be of great help I guess for you to go through the Nokia WAP phone Characteristic document located at https://secure.forum.nokia.com/wapforum/main/1,35452,1_1_75_51,00.html
    This will probably help you analyze based on information like WAP support for that particular phone and maximum deck size allowed for that particualr device and would be good for you to compare in case you have tried other Nokia phones.

    Hope this will help you.


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