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    nokia 6600 mrouter crippled, GPRS ONLY!

    Dear Nokia,

    Why have you crippled the mrouter on the 6600?

    With the 3650/7650 once you have a mrouter connection, you are able to browse the internet with it. If you do the same in the 6600 it will ask you to use GPRS. Why is this superior faster tcp/ip access method disabled in the 6600? It makes it extremely difficulty to develop wireless enterprise apps if it forces them to use the extremely slow and expensive gprs option.

    Nokia this is un-acceptable to us developers. How are we meant to develop on the phone without running up a huge GPRS bill ourselves?

    I thought symbian was an "open" system, apparently not. Seems like the carriers and Nokia are in bed together to prevent us from creating useful apps that would like to use tcp/ip over bluetooth or IR.

    Also the MRouter way of connecting and establishing a connection was too cubersome, with no automation or multiple phone support at all. It also seems it is impossible to create a bluetooth PAN profile support module, and now with this latest move by nokia to disable mrouter, I don't think they will ever create a PAN support.

    Nokia the 6600 is an excellcent device, apart from the disabling of the mrouter. It has potential to be anything, but with the GPRS network option only, it is severly crippled. Bluetooth PAN support will open the market up for a whole lot of symbian applications.

    Nokia I request (tho I know it will fall on deaf ears), that you reenable the internet access via bluetooth or IR for the 6600, and that you also develop the bluetooth PAN profile for easy networking. You can't expect a company who wants to use these phone to wireless enable their workforce to use GPRS all the time.

    Creating a bluetooth PAN profile for symbian would let you use your 6600 now as a laptop uses wifi. Bluetooth hotspots can spring up and people would find they can do alot of what they need on the 6600. Nokia, please don't shoot yourselves in the foot just cause the carriers want to make more money, you should enable more network options on the 6600, which will sell more phones.

    had my little rant, very dissapointed

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    wake up nokia guy

    is it true? please

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