Hello Everybody:
At this moment, I?m developing a project for a Nokia 9210, and it?s fundamental as a part of it, to be able to execute the installation process of a .SIS File. I Know, because I have found it in the SDK for PC, that the application that starts the installation process is called InstApp.app. But in the Nokia 9210, we have accessible only the Configuration File: C:\System\Apps\InstApp\InstApp.ini
1.Anybody Knows the exact path for launching this application, InstApp.app, in a Nokia 9210?

If it?s accessible, I would be able of launching it from a Personal Java application. I have done some tests with the function Runtime.getRuntime.exec() and with another application that it?s accessible, like c:\System\Apps\CsHelp\CsHelp.app. I have tested the following:

String[] a=new String[1];
Runtime runtime = Runtime.getRuntime();
Process process = runtime.exec( a );

When I execute this, I catch the following IOException at machine?s Redirect Console:

java.io.IOException: CreateProcess: c:\System\apps\Cshelp\Cshelp.app error=88.

2.Does anybody Knows the meaning of this exception (error=88) ?
3.It?s possible from the Nokia Personal Java implementation of launching an application?

If it?s not impossible to launch an application from Personal Java, I can do a C++ native function and call it from Java like native method. I Know that it?s possible of launching an application with the following C++ code:

case EMenuCommandToolsStartApp:
_LIT(KExampleAppFileName, "\\system\\apps\\CsHelp\\CsHelp.app");

TFindFile findFile(iEikonEnv->FsSession());
User::LeaveIfError(findFile.FindByDir(KExampleAppFileName, KNullDesC));
// Start the example application
CApaCommandLine* cmdLine=CApaCommandLine::NewLC();
CleanupStack::PopAndDestroy(); // cmdLine


The problem is that for doing this, I must Know the exact path of InstApp.app.

If this strategy is not valid because we haven?t access to InstApp.app, I?ll write a Personal Java program that emulates the installation process of InstApp. I have searched if there is any documentation about the actions that makes InstApp in the SDK documentation, in Symbian?s home page, in the Nokia Forum and through the Internet, but unfortunately, I haven?t found anything:

4.Anybody knows if exists any related document?

If anybody can help me with one of my doubts, I will be very thankful.

Thanks a lot !!