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    Indicator Areas: Wide and Narrow Indicator Areas

    The indicator area (the area on the left hand side of the display) isn't always of the same size, why?

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    RE: Indicator Areas: Wide and Narrow Indicator Areas

    The Indicator Area is dedicated to different kinds of important information, e.g. connections, battery and field strength indicators. There are two sizes for the Indicator Area; the wider Indicator Area is 92 x 200 pixels and the narrow one is 32 x 200 pixels. The wider Indicator Area has also a place for time, the application icon and name.

    It is recommended that a Wide Indicator Area should be used in the first view of the application (when the application button is pressed). The Wide Indicator Area with the application name and the application icon help the ''novice user'' to navigate.

    The Narrow Indicator Area can be used if extra space is needed. If the first view has a Narrow Indicator Area, the title and layout should make it obvious where the user is.

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