I want to use the Series 60 Content Authoring SDK with the Nokia Developer's Suite for MMS and the MMSC EAIF Emulator. But I have a problem... It doesn't even start, the only thing I see is a flash of a Command Prompt, every time and every way I try to start it.

I used version 1.0.6 with the Getting Started With MMS pack. Than (and here I think lies the problem) I deleted the directory by mistake (won't happen again). After reinstall the SDK (1.0.6 or 1.2) doesn't start. Other SDK's like the 7210 work perfect.

I think the problem is one with registrystuff, but I don't want to mess other things up. I don't think it's a java issue, because I have java 2 sdk 1.4.1_06 installed and there were nog installation problems.

Anyone here who knows how to get the SDK start up? I tried a lot but until now nothing worked...