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    problem with Bluetooth discovery

    Does anybody know how to cancel CSdpAgent.

    Basically when doing NextRecordRequestL, for a device that is not available the application hangs and gets panic few minutes later. without calling any function defines in MSdpAgentNotifier.

    Basically I got into this situation is I do device discovery that finds some phones. Then later I go back on doing the device discovery, so it'll show the previously found devices, no if I choose one of these devices, All of the IsValidDeviceClass(), IsValidDeviceName() and IsValidBDAddr() will return true all thou the device is out of range now.

    So I go finding the service from the device using NextRecordRequestL() function of the CSdpAgent, the app hangs, because the device selected is not really valid at all.

    So basically:

    does anybody know how to clear the device selection dialog, so all devices would be discovered only when they are on range ?

    Or how to check that the device really is there after it's selected from the list by user ?


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    There's CSdpAgent::Cancel(), although it is not documented in the API documentation.


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