Hi all,

I am using a Nokia 6800 Phone. I have some applications installed in my phone alogwith the Nokia's own Converter II and Portfolio II. I have a problem with the screens in all applications.

When, in any displayable object, if I try to have more than 2 commands, it automatically maps the remaining commands to a menu. Now, i have an 'Options' command mapped to one of the soft keys which is supposed to bring up the list of commands immediately. But when i select options, i see the 'Select Application' (the first screen i see when getting into the Applications category from teh main menu of the phone) for a while. It then goes off the scree and the intended list of commands appear. The flicker does not seem to provide a nice user experience.

I see this problem in Nokia's own Portfolio II. When i try to add a name to the portfolio, in the 'Name' textbox, when i select options, i see the 'select Application' and then the intended list of commands.

Can anyone tell me the reason for this. Please help me as soon as possible

Thanks in advance