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    Compiling & Building 'Helloworld' program

    I've just installed the 9200 communicator series SDK for C++ on windows 98, I also have MSVC6 installed....when I tried to creat a .dsw workspace of the helloworld program provided with the SDK using command line arguments

    bldmake bld files
    abld makefile vc6

    the following error occured
    -nmake- nologo -f

    then I coppied nmake.exe from visual studio to the current helloworld directory and again tried....this time error was

    link.exe not found....

    so I copied it also then again tried to create the .dsw file, it worked but also gave a warning message

    "cannot find required DLL 'mspd60.dll"

    I again copied the required DLL from visual studio to the helloworld subdirectory in SDK and run the abld makefile command it created workspace file but also showed a warning

    MSVC6 Serivce Pack 3 should be installed

    but I still tried to compile the project(created by abld makefile) in MSVC6 it says "cannot find include file "helloworld.rsg" (I have set the include directories of MSVC6 to the epoc subdirectory of SDK) but it didn't work

    Please help me building and compiling the project and somebody please tell me where I can find this helloworld.rsg include file???

    Posted by Nouman Hanif, mailnomi@yahoo.com
    on February 05, 2002 at 08:20

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    RE: Compiling & Building 'Helloworld' program

    Posted by rashmi r, rashbms@rediffmail.com
    on February 05, 2002 at 10:58

    Actually ur .rsg file is the system generated file when u compile helloworld.rss so this helloworld.rsg contains the macro i.e. it assigns an unique number for all the resource u have created in the resorce file. So just add the helloworld.rsg file from include, it will be there once u have built the application.


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    RE: Compiling & Building 'Helloworld' program

    This is not nice workaround and could cause you nightmares. You should add Vcvars32.bat to your autoexec.bat after the last line and increase the environment space. In that way MSVC6 works correctly.
    The SP3 recommended, but basic application should compile and work without it.
    The .rsg file is called "generated resource file" therefore EPOC resource compiler make it from resource files before the source code compilation process when it needed/possible.

    FN Developer Support

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