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Thread: Nokia Friends

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    Nokia Friends

    I don't know where else to post my idea. so decided to post it here.

    I am one of Nokia fans from Jakarta-Indonesia.
    I would like to share you some of my idea.

    Every phone lately is already equipped with Blue Tooth Technology.
    Days ago, with a simple understanding of Blue Tooth Technology, suddenly I came out with some idea. I’m not a really smart person but I hope my Idea is well acceptable and make sense to be reality.

    With Nokia slogan “Connecting People”, why we are not make the technology that really fit with it. I have an Idea that I called “Nokia Friends”.
    Nokia Friend is a technology that enable peoples all around the world really connected to. This technology is using the advantage of the Blue Tooth technology.

    Imagine without buying another expensive hi-tech gadget. We could connected and find new friends that we don’t know before, in the streets, mall, office, and anywhere we walk in to.

    With Nokia Friends, people can find his/her new friend that really match, so they can share the same experience, same hobbies, same interest or even find the person that could be the one that will share everything in the future.


    Person 1.
    Enabling his “Nokia Friends” on his Nokia Phones.
    The phones automatically transmit the Person 1 data, such as Name or Nick Name, Hobbies, interest, habits, description, etc. periodically to the area surround him in the range of his phone Blue Tooth.

    Person 2.
    Enabling her “Nokia Friends” on his Nokia Phones and also transmitted her data into surrounding in the range of her phone Blue Tooth.

    When the two people meets in their Phone blue Tooth range. Each phone connected and shares the information transmitted.

    Person 1.
    His Nokia phones receive the data from Person 2 trough Blue Tooth and automatically compare the data with Person 1 own data, such as Hobbies, Interest, etc. When the Person 1 Nokia phone finished comparing the data, The phone will alert the Person 1 that he found a new friend that have some similarity (Hobbies, Interest, etc.) with him. The phone will tell the Person 1 the location of Person 2 and describe her identities such as Hair Color, Weight, Height, Skin Color, etc.
    The Phone also asks Person 1 whether he want to send the Person 2 a direct message via The Blue Tooth or not.

    So the Two People connected and found themselves a new friend.

    (This “Nokia Friends” is optional. Can be inactivated according the each Person needs.)

    I wish my idea can be a reality and also hope that Nokia is always be the number one phone manufacture in the world that really connecting peoples. Thank you.

    Best wishes

    Rizal Saputra

    PS : If my idea really come true, I wish to be the first person who try this Phone, and if this just another stupid idea. please forgive me

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    Already done

    This has been done twice, though not well.

    "Symbian Dater" and another application that appeared a bit nicer.


    I like the notion of generic seeking of local people -- using it as a dating/hook-up medium seems a bit creepy.

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