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Thread: Deploy the DLLs

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    Deploy the DLLs


    I've got a question about how I have to deploy my application. If I use the PC Connectivity SDK.... does the user also have to install the SDK to use my application.

    Or am I allowed to integrate the DLLs in my installation program?

    Would be cool if someone could help me with that question and give me more information about how to deploy applications using the PC Connectivity SDK.

    Thank you very, very much in advance!

    Best wishes,


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    Hi Marc,

    yes, the user must also install the SDK components to get your app working.

    I do not recommend doing a manual install of the DLLs and Registry settings of the SDK.

    Note that the Nokia PC Suite is compatible to the SDK because it uses the same components behind. If you develop with SDK 3.0, a PC Suite version of 4 or 5 should also work.


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