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    Rhythmic Vibrate in SP-MIDI Files


    I am trying to add a rhythmic vibration to my SP-MIDI ringtones using the details as outlined in the Nokia MIDI document.

    I have set up the controllers for the Bank Select MSB and LSB and added the relevant program change. However, when I play back the file on my Nokia 6600 (which I know doesn't support the vibrating feature), I hear strange noises coming from the tone.

    I understand that this model of phone doesn't support this feature, but shouldn't it just ignore it? Isn't that what the Bank Select messages are for?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated as it's driving me nuts! Thanks in advance!

    Matthew Davis

    EDIT: Am I right in assuming I should use an expression controller as well in the file on the Vibra track so that it doesn't play back on phones that don't support this feature?
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