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Thread: D211 and Mac OS

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    D211 and Mac OS

    Is anyone aware of Mac OS drivers for the D211 ?

    Has anyone tried the novamedia driver ?


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    RE: D211 and Mac OS

    Hi Shane
    I would like to know as you do about that drivers
    for Mac OS 9.. or Mac OS X but it seams
    there is noghting yet
    We need to wait longer
    it seams that Nokia is not that happy
    with Mac users but all this could be different
    if Apple's main office had the appropriate
    policy with Nokia regarding Mac users

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    RE: D211 and Mac OS

    To Nokia !

    please develop a Macintosh driver for the "new" D211!
    Mac OS X will be a great opportunity to show that
    you guys can program not only little GSM-phones!

    please Nokia!

    forget about novamedia: it's too expensive!

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