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    Removing Crashed Application (S60)

    I'm having trouble removing an application that's crashed due to audio problems. Thanks to the 3650's half-assed implementation of MMAPI, I've thrown away the docs and have to try random ordering of commands and then test the results (on an actual device, of course, since the emulator doesn't handle sound the same way the device does). This practice is prone to producing bugs.

    If I select the program from the Applications menu, nothing happens and it stays in the menu. If I choose 'Options' I get the choice to Update but not Remove. If I hack the version in the .JAD file to be greater than that on the phone the Update command says it can't update to a new version while the old one's running. So why's that command available when the app's running if the Remove command isn't?

    Also, the App Manager tool has '(no data)' displayed, but sure seems to know that a lot of memory is being used by Apps, so no go there.

    The only way I've been able to remove the App is to *#7370# the phone and lose everything. Wouldn't be so bad if I could use our testing phone but AT&T mMode is down for the moment, so now I've gotta reset my own N-Gage to get rid of this darn thing.

    Help...please. :0

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    Why don't you try to delete the application with a file explorer (eg. FExplorer)?

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