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    Where are the SDK tools documented?

    Hello, all....

    I am an experienced C++ developer who has written lots of code for desktop and handheld machines. I am new, however, to the Symbian/Nokia world... and I need to build an app for the 7650 (which, I gather, requires me to use the Series 60 SDK).

    I have recently downloaded the Nokia Series 60 SDK v0.3 from the Nokia Web site. Now what? Does the SDK come w/ its own compiler? Linker? Where are all the tools documented? I cannot find one shred of doc telling me about the toolset (and there seems to be quite a few .exes).

    If there is no linker, compiler, etc., what can I use to build apps targeted for the 7650? I saw some posted about using Visual C++ 6/SP3, but VC++ targets x86 (Windows) not Symbian.

    Any help/pointer appreciated. I am totally lost. Thanks....

    John Puopolo (jpuopolo@international-wireless.com)

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    RE: Where are the SDK tools documented?

    Hi John,

    I am new to the 7650 too, perhaps we can help each other.
    I assumed you have installed the SDK - In addition to downloading it,
    Nokia promptly shipped me the SDK. I am waiting to find out how
    to get the simulator working with a modem from Nokia.

    The SDK does come with its own cross compiler - the gnu one.
    You can find it under share\epoc32\gcc.
    The examples show how to do a build, this is what I got working
    first - in the Building and Running the SDK section.

    So from the command line you can type abld build wins udeb to
    build an example for the simulator. Now I assume (since I dont
    have a 7650 yet to try it out) by changing the wins parameter to
    armi an appropriate 7650 build will output.

    There is quite a bit of gump on installation that I haven't
    figured out yet (SIS etc) that should thus get the resultant
    app onto the phone.

    Hope this helps.
    Phil Haynes (philip.haynes@virtualnation.com.au)

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    RE: Where are the SDK tools documented?

    As on the page near to the SDK download:
    Technical requirements for the SDK:
    Operating system: Windows NT 4.0
    500 MB of free disk space or more
    Compiler: Microsoft visual C++ version 6.0
    Processor speed and RAM requirements as for Microsoft Visual C++ Version 6.0
    Installing MS VS SP3 or later recommended.
    More on in SDK help Chapter "Building and running the examples"

    FN Developer Support

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