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    AT command supported nokia phone


    I want a nokia model no and its cable specifications which supports AT commands specially sending\receiving and sensing when message arrived.

    require for creating embedded application which send\receive sms according to requirements.


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    Hello friend,

    I am doing a similar project

    Will this help you?

    1. Nokia 5110 (it is an older model Price: Rs.2500/) can be used for that purpose with DAU-9P cable .
    It is not data enabled by default . That is it doesn't have built- in
    modem . But a software modem can be used .

    Install Nokia PC Data Suite 3.0 in Win98. Software modem will get installed automatically.

    2. You can use 6210 or any other costly phone with built in modem . For that you need not use Data Suite.

    Please refer to senior's reply to my questions (ramu_sms)

    That will help you a lot.

    Use Advanced search : 5110

    All the best


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