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    AT command problem

    I use RCommServ to send AT command to mobile modem. When I send ATDxxx; it works and the number is dialed out.
    But when I send AT+CCFC=1,1,number to send call forwarding , it doesn't work.What may be the problem?who can tell me ?

    I use the following code:
    RCommServ commServer;
    RComm comm;
    TRequestStatus status;


    _LIT(KCsyName, "dataport");
    User::LeaveIfError(commServer.LoadCommModule(KCsyName) );

    TBufC<12> port(_L("DATAPORT::0"));
    TInt ret = comm.Open(commServer, port, ECommShared);

    // More code: to wait 2 seconds : no need now
    // User::After( KIWaiting );

    // send AT command

    TBuf<48> command1;
    // this command set call divert

    // below is a test command , call number directly
    // used to test AT command works.
    // command1.Format(_L("ATD%s;\r\n"),aPhoneNumber);

    TBuf8<48> command;

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    Re: AT command problem

    Hi dantifer,

    call forwarding may not be supported by your operator (or at least not by using AT-Commands). Try using different operator.

    Do other AT Commands work, like modem configuration commands?

    br, Marcel

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