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    T9 input / font question

    Hi, I'm working on a chat application for my 6800 phone. Noticing the many issues with customizability in MIDP 1.0, like not being able to set font sizes for standard high-level UI elements, I'm thinking I'll have to simply use a *Canvas and draw the UI elements myself, possibly using a toolkit like the Synclast UI. However, from what I can tell, there's no way to access T9 input without actually using MIDP's high-level UI elements, which means I either have to give up T9 input (not necessarily a problem-- the 6800 does have a QWERTY keyboard) or resort to high-level interfaces with their large font sizes.

    The one exception to this I see is Nokia's Email application on the 6800. The composer window uses small font size and does not have the title segment of the window like I expect from high-level MIDP classes. It also accepts T9 text entry. Does anyone know how this was accomplished, and is it possible to access this from the developer's point of view?

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    I haven't seen that application, but by your description I'd say it's not a MIDP app.


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