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    Nokia 6600: Unable to delete a .SIS file in my INBOX!

    So i sent a Theme to my 6600 via Infrared. Received it in my inbox, as usual, and then installed it. Played with it for a bit and decided i didn't want theme any longer so I nixed it. Went to Application Manager and axed the installation file. Then went to my Inbox to delete the original .SIS file. When attempting to do so I received a "General: File Already In Use!" Error message preventing me from deleting the file!! I rebooted, checked to see if the .SIS was installed again and nothing! Still cannot delete the file from my inbox. The most I can do is move the lil' bugger around to different folders within my Messaging folders but NO delete! what gives? Can anybody help me?

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    Download a file explorer from www.epocware.com . It's a PC software via which you can browse system files on phone through bluetooht or infrared.

    You will locate your stubborn .sis message in the mail folder.

    Good Luck...

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    my method is use SelQ in 6600 and change the .sis from HIDE=yes to no.

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