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Thread: 6600 quirks

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    6600 quirks


    I have noticed that many Java apps doesn't run very well on the new 6600.
    Some app hang/freeze, some refuse to launch and some just become very sluggish.
    They all work fine in 3650.
    Even the symbian Nokia game bounce freezes intermittently!

    Do I have a bad unit or this is normal for 6600?

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    I have the same issue, one midlet runs well, but other not...

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    The 6600 is dogged with problems, when it was first released Nokia actually produced a document detailing known issues.

    When loading an array from file (using a DataInputStream) ensure you use readFully(myArray) instead of read(myArray). The readFully(..) operation will block until all the data is loaded, on the 6600 a read(..) may return before all the data is loaded.

    This issue caused most of our games not to work, another issue that caused us problems intially was that you can only have 7 midis prefetched in memory at one time, many of our 3650 games had more than 7 midis which caused them to crash.

    Hope that helps, find that 'known issues' document I mentioned earlier.

    Good luck.

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