hi Guys,

I am facing a weird problem with
void RecvFrom(TDes8& aDesc,TSockAddr& anAddr,TUint flags,
TRequestStatus& aStatus,TSockXfrLength& aLen);

api of RSocket.

If i do following
iBufferPtr = new TBuf8<100>(100);
/*iBufferPtr is a data member of my socket reader class*/

then i am able to receive data without any problem

but if i do

iBufferPtr = HBufC8::NewL(100);
iPtr = (TDes8*)&(iBufferPtr->Des());
/*iPtr is also a data member of socket reader class*/

then i see a panic eSock panic 14 (client panic meaning "Descriptor parameter error")

any clue?
It seems i am missing something very trivial.