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    Application closes abruptly

    Hello everybody,

    I am new to j2me application development. I encountered a serious issue in my application. I have a textbox with only two commands in my code, say,. OK and EXIT. But in the actual device another command "Dictionary" gets automatically added to this textbox. Thats alright. But in my nokia 7210, i see only the "Options" command mapped to the softkeys for the textbox. And when i select "Options" i get a menu listing commands, OK, EXIT and DICTIONARY. At this time, with the list of commands on teh screen, when i press any number keys, my application exits abruptly. I do not see this issue on the Nokia 3650.

    Can anyone help me out in this issue. Is there a bug in my code or what? I dont see any here.

    Thanks in advance


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    I have this same problem....

    When the options button is pressed on a 7210, 7250i or 3510i, then any number (0-9), the application exits without warning!

    anyone come up with an answer yet?

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