Hi there,
Just purchased an 8210, nothing wrong with the phone¡_. Just wanting to know if its possible to have a call timer running whilst a call is being made / received like on Ericsson models? This software update would be a HUGE advantage as many phone users make calls during times that their network specifies for free calls provided that the duration of the call doesn¡¯t exceed that time (say 20 mins for Optus between 19:00 to 05:00). This in-call timer would mean many users wouldn¡¯t have to keep taking mental notes of when the call started and when they have to hang up. So much better then only being able to review call duration after the call has finished¡_. Could be too late, costing us heaps. Any help in this software update and how to obtain it would be incredibly appreciated from myself and countless other australian Nokia users. Thanks for your time and assistance.
Any questions feel free to ask.
Tim Day (ozzietj2002@yahoo.com.au)