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    Will 6230 support AAC-LC or AMR-WB in .3gp files?

    The specs for the 6230 say: "Integrated video player: 3GPP spec (H.263 video, MPEG-4, and AMR audio packed in .3gp format)"

    I'm developing 3G media and would like to know if the video player supports playback of AAC-LC or AMR-WB encoded audio streams in the .3gp video file?

    It would be a shame that with an AAC/MP3 player built into the phone, it is unable to playback AAC streams in .3gp files as generated by many authoring software.

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    Nokia 6230 can play H.263 or MPEG-4 VSP coded video with AMR-NB coded audio. AMR-WB or AAC-LC is not supported in the video player.

    Nokia 6230 supports 3GPP streaming via RTP with H.263 Profile 0, Level 10 coded video with AMR-NB coded audio.

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    Is this a software issue or a hardware one, or maybe because of licensing problems? As far as I know, the 3GP standard allows AAC LC bitstreams in *.3gp and *.3g2 files (with AMR-WB, too). So maybe the video player software doesn't have an AAC decoder, or is it the Nokia 6230? Or perhaps the decoding complexity of AAC LC is too high for the hardware decoder?

    Anyhow, is there a table somewhere on the Nokia site which lists and/or compares all possible combinations of AMR NB/WB and AAC LC for each phone, also for MP3? I think it's rather confusing for many customers to find out which Nokia phone understands what formats...

    While I'm at it: which file format does the Nokia Multimedia Converter use when producing *.aac files, MPEG-2 AAC LC ADTS, MPEG-4 AAC LC ADTS or maybe rather ADIF or LATM formats?

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