earlier today i downloaded a java game from the nokia.com website when the link was received i thought i could nearly play on snake 2 but after i received a sms telling me how much i have payed,after 2 minutes i tried to retrieve the game via my GPRS connection but the phone wouldn't let me, it said the link had expired but i looked on the nokia.com site again to realise that the links SHOULDN'T expire for 24 hours and on my second attempt it said that again and on my third and fourth. i am appauled that you sell this application and although i don not have a choice i definately do not want to pay £3.00 for nothing. if you don not do anything to help me i will be consulting nokia again and again until something is done to satisfy me. i will also persuade my contacts not to use/buy nokia stuff.

email me- michaeljohnwhittle@yahoo.com
or write at - 3 castle park
kirkby stephen
Ca17 4BD

yours truly michael whittle