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    Playing Java Games fatal?

    Hello Sir/Madam,
    I am using Nokia 6800 since two months. I took this phone because i really wanted to play games. But after two weeks my cell phone was unable to power on with the sim-card however it turned on with-out sim card.

    It was repaired. Then after a month or so the problem was more severe and the phone did not turn on.

    After my phone being for more than 15 days in the service station I got a replacement.

    When I enquired about it, the authoroties said that playing games in the phone causes "software problem" and i shouldn't worry about my phone. It's the best in nokia range.

    Well, is it true? Some of friends using the same handset have experianced the same problem.

    Requesting your advice.

    Best regards,
    -Vinayak Sharma.

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    software version?

    Hi there,

    can you do a *#0000# on your phone and post the results here, it might help us help you.



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    This was what was written when i did *#0000#

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