can i have an answer from nokia guys about this serious problem ??
when downloading midi files there is a big difference when i hear the ringtone just after the download ( i mean when i get the options: playback, save, discard ) and when i hear the ringtone after i save it to the phone !
its like a lot of midi controllers are not working !
the volume and the sound of many midi channels are not represented correctly! only when i play the ringtone from profiles - by selecting a ringtone - then i hear it correctly. and even then , the volume is not the same as it sounds when i have a real income call.
this is very annoying because it is impossible to perform q.a tests on ringtones and actually know how the customer will hear the ringtone without actually make a phone call to the 3300 and selecting the ringtone you want to check ! and if i want to check long ringtones like karaoke stuff - about 3:00 minutes it is impossible to do this because the automatic answering service cuts the ringing ...this is very strange that an advance model like 3300 suffers from such bugs !
please nokia people ! help