I am trying to create a basic dialog, with just a title and a number editor. I always get this panic from the ExecuteLD(). Any help on what I need to do to avoid this would be much appreciated.

The panic is defined as EEikDialogPanicIllegalOption, however without the source or any detailed documentation it is impossible to tell what this 'illegal option' actually is.

Are there plans to release source for the UI as with all the other Symbian SDKs? At the moment it is very tough going, especially Avkon has introduced quite a few new UI changes from Ckon, in this case the CAknDialog. Should I derive from this or from CEikDialog? If source code release is not planned, could you provide some dialog example code?

Posted by David Knight, dgknight@hotmail.com
on February 15, 2002 at 20:30