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    Audio streaming on Nokia


    Have anyone used CMdaAudioPlayerUtility to stream audio data to CODEC? I have been trying this for couple of days now, but I get strange errors while using it. I will be posting the code snippet with this. Let me know if any of you guys were able to push something to the CODEC using this damn SDK. If so, please post a sample code so that I can compare my code with it and check whether it is my fault or Symbian/Nokia's disgusting audio support on ER6. Worst of all, they are not supporting ER5 audio APIs in ER6 and left me high and dry without being able to port my previous code to ER6.
    Here goes my code snippet :-

    CMdaAudioPlayerUtility iPlayer;
    TInt8* pAudioData = new TInt8[BUFFERSIZE];
    // I fill WAV audio data(WAV header info is not included) to pAudioData here
    TPtrC8* pData = new TPtrC8((const TUint8*)pAudioData, BUFFERSIZE);
    iPlayer = CMdaAudioPlayerUtility::NewDesPlayerL((TDes8&)*pData, *this);

    I have defined a class for the above code and it also the callback implementation. But, I get 'KErrNotSupported' at 'MapcInitComplete'. So, I thought it might be due to my data(since I omitted header info) and included WAV header info. in it. Now, it complains 'KErrBadDescriptor'. BTW, the descriptor remains throughout the lifetime of the object. Let me know if you guys were able to crack down this.
    Thanks in advance!!!

    Posted by Rajesh Ajjanagadde, rajesh@synovial.com
    on February 16, 2002 at 02:29

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    RE: Audio streaming on Nokia

    Posted by Andy Clapham, nokia@artilect.co.uk
    on March 09, 2002 at 21:52

    Finally, all is revealed here - A lovely low level audio streaming plug in


    Many thanks to Andy Wyatt for pointing me in the right direction, and to
    Nokia for making this available outside of Propoint mebership.

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    i'm also interested in audio streaming, but http://forum.nokia.com/files/disclai...7,1520,00.html throws a 404 not found site :(


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    Anyone found the link?



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    Re: Audio streaming on Nokia

    whats the AIP ?
    Can you help here ? The link doesn't seem to work !
    Amit Kankani
    Nokia Developer Champion

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