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    Cannot generate AIFBuilder files

    Using Symbian Java SDK, when i tried to create the Helloworld application described in the Nokia_9210_JavaHowTo.pdf(section 4) document in "creating AIFBuilder files" section i got the following message: "Files cannot be generated - error occurred creating AIF file.
    Check that aiftool.exe is accessible and that the enviroment variable EPOCRoot is defined correctly".
    What should i do?

    Posted by Mardoqueu Vieira, msv@cin.ufpe.br
    on February 22, 2002 at 00:08

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    RE: Cannot generate AIFBuilder files

    Posted by Jon Smith, jon@mail.com
    on February 25, 2002 at 11:17

    There's a few things you can try.

    First of all, ensure that EPOCROOT does indeed point to a valid SDK installation - type "SET EPOCROOT" from a command prompt to confirm this, and then launch AIF Builder from this command prompt if all is OK.

    Second, ensure that Perl is installed - typing "perl -v" at the command prompt should confirm this. If it isn't, you need to install it - it's own installer will put it in the PATH.

    Finally, make sure that the "x" in any UID you enter on the main AIF Builder screen is in lowere case i.e. "X" will give you the error you are experiencing.

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