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    How can we get a hold of Nokia Developer phones?


    The company I work for is expanding into the mobile market and would like to know if Nokia offers any device "loaning" of developer packages for its phones.
    We have been currently been testing with the emulators provided with the Nokia SDKs but our users have found that there are a few issues runing the programs on their devices.

    We would like to know if Nokia could provide any devices that can be used for testing of our applications.


    Conan Bourke.
    Micro Forté Pty Ltd.

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    If you are lucky enough to live in the US or Canada then Nokia will lend you a device.

    Unfortunately, to the best of my knowledge this service doesn't extend to other regions.

    The official line I got from Nokia in Sydney was that Nokia do not lend devices to anyone. When I quizzed them further they did admit that they will lend devices to media personnel for reviews.

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