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    Questionnaires for Mobile Game

    1) How long have you been coding games for hand held devices?

    2) What type of development tools do you use to develop your mobile games?

    3) Do you do surveys for your users to cater their interest and needs in a specific game?

    4) Are you aware that there are other competitors that develops and market out games for hand phones?

    5) If you have heard, have you ever tried comparing your games with theirs, what do you think them?

    6) In your own opinion, what do users expect when they are about to play the games that you develop.

    7) What are your thoughts on game development by student which enables those to create and play their own hand phone games?

    Thank you for your time.

    • The reason why these questionnaires are conducted is to fulfill part of the requirement for Research Analysis in my final year project, where I¡¯m developing a game for hand phones.

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    1) Around 6 months
    2) Sun One Studio
    3) No
    4) Yes
    5) Some are very good, some are not. i always feel whether can i develop something similar if i found something is interesting.
    6) Simple and fun
    7) Students can make good games as well

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    1. handheld - 3-4 years, mobile - 2 months
    2. Command line tools
    3. No, but we will when we get some games out . However we are researching what's popular and what's not, so we know that we aren't wasting our time
    4. Yes, there are many, but its our belief that developers banding together and sharing resources can only make games better and can only help increase game sales
    5. There are some great games out there and some awful ones. We have only developed one complete game for mobile thus far, but we plan 20+ for 2004
    6. They expect (based on experience of buying / playing mobile games and from feedback on our handheld products):
    a) Not to have wasted their money - A few games have made me wonder why I ever downloaded them (not mentioning any names)
    b) Decent control - no point playing a game if its too frustrating to control
    c) Intuitive - Users like to be able to simply pick up and play a game without having to read a huge manual; users like freedom in game play but not too much
    d) Consistency - Users get annoyed if controls / graphics / UI and so forth are not consistent
    e) Playability - Users like a game that oozes playability, especially a game with depth and replay value; basically anything that makes them feel like they spent their money well
    f) Graphics - Should be clear and consistent
    7. Not sure I fully understand this question, but are you suggesting that you are creating some kind of development software to enable students to make mobile games easier?

    Good luck with your project

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