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    Network Connectivity Implementation using JSR 180!

    Greetings all,

    I am currently doing some readup on the JSR 180 SIP API
    implementation. It clearly defines and describes all about
    "javax.microedition.sip" package containing interfaces and
    classes implementing SIP functionality.

    In the GCF (Generic Connection Framework) to establish
    connectivity with remote machine I use the foll.

    StreamConnection sc = (StreamConnection) Connector.open("socket://");

    But as per the JSR 180 developers importing javax.microedition.sip
    will have to use the Connector.open() method but typecast it of
    type SipClientConnection interface as follows:

    SipClientConnection scc = (SipClientConnection) Connector.open("sip:alice@company.com:5060");

    When I tried this out using J2ME Wireless Toolkit 1.0.4_01 it
    compiled fine but I got ClassCastException during runtime which is
    quite logical because javax.microedition.io does not know
    interface SipClientConnection like it does StreamConnection.

    Now I am stuck here wondering what to do?

    Any suggesstions, advices, insights would be of great help!

    adios & cheers!

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    At the moment the JSR180 applications can be run only with the standalone emulator available here: http://www.forum.nokia.com/java/jsr180

    Best Regards,
    Jari Kinnunen

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