Dear all

I know there is a Chinese development area I have to re-post my message here just for gaining more support from all of you!

I try to test my Chinese MIDP SDK for its Chinese language support features by setting chinese character into the Midlet name and JAD,JAR files in SunOneStudio4, Update1 associated with NDS2.0. I just set the my suite property of 'Encoding'(located in property->Text tab) by directly typing 'UTF-8' in the test field and in the Midlet attribute field I set some chinese string for MIDlet name, vender,...etc.

But except for 7210 SDK, almost all the SDK was failed for running my MIDlet in its emulator.

So, I address my points as follows:
1) Am I right during setting the Chinese MIDlet attribute and the encoding method? If No, please direct me the right way; If yes, then,
2)Does it mean at least the S60 MIDP SDK was failed for its Chinese language support? If Yes, then,
3)Any APIs in the SDK is responsible for this matter as I personally suppose that for API Level, there is no any Chinese-specific API in this Chinese MIDP SDK.

I am in hurry and absolutely appreciated for all your kind replies on that!!