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    http.dll for Symbian phones v6.1 ?

    Hi, since Symbian v7.0 supports http client and comes with http stack, would the http.dll in v7.0 runs on v6.1 phones like 3650?

    Would it b possible to upload the http.dll from a v7.0 phone like 6600 and download it to a v6.1 phone like 3650 using some Symbian File Manager utility? i suppose the directory to place the .dll file shd be c:\system\libs?

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    HTTP.DLL, ECOM for Symbian 6.1 phones


    Of course the HTTP stack is not available in v6.1 phones. By the way, the stack is based on the ECOM framework, also introduced in Symbian 7.0. The problem is that many modern applications use the HTTP protocol, so the question is: how to support all S60 phones without need of using conditional compiling. The answer seems to be quite easy: you may include appropriate libraries in the installation package for 6.1 phones. All required libraries may occupy about 200kB of memory space (ECOM + HTTP + SSL). This technique is used by some applications for N-Gage devices (Tomb Raider, for instance). Unfortunately I didn't find any official statement about public rights for redistributing the mentioned files. I believe you should contact Nokia or Symbian with this question. I'll be glad if someone solves this issue.

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    you could also make simple HTTP queries by using the normal sockets and just constructing your own headers & stuff.


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